Regulations of G.Partners Affiliate Program

Getting Started, Account and Safety Regulations

  1. Before joining an Affiliate Program, the Affiliate must read and accept the effective Terms and Conditions of the AP.
  2. Affiliates of G.Partners can be legal entities and individuals over 18 years old. The Affiliate who has confirmed the terms of the Program is individually responsible for compliance with the requirements of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Affiliate is obliged to keep the password and username to log into G.Partners system. Affiliates are personally responsible for the consequences of the loss and disclosure of username and password.
  4. G.Partners Affiliate Program is entitled to change the Rules for Сooperation at any time without notice and consent of the Affiliate. Only the Terms and Conditions available at the Program website are considered valid.
  5. AP may end the work with an Affiliate, without prior notice or explanation of the reasons.
  6. G.Partners uses Last Cookie Wins model, according to which each player receives the Affiliate's reference code, via an advertising link of which the player discovered the promoted Product and completed the registration procedure.
  7. Transfer or resale of AP accounts is prohibited without permission of the management.
  8. AP does not provide the Affiliates and third parties with any confidential information of the players, excluding data that is available for viewing in the Affiliate's personal account.

Traffic sources

  1. G.Partners at any time may, without giving reasons, request from the Affiliate information about the resources on which the Affiliate's promotional campaign is carried out. In case the Affiliate refuses to provide relevant information, the AP may freeze the user's accounts. In order to avoid accounts freezing the Affiliate is obliged, in response to the AP request, to provide an URL or an alternative path to the domain (for websites), an example of a promotional announcement or a screenshot of the promo cabinet (for arbitration traffic). In the case of product promotion through email distribution, the Affiliate should add the marketing@g.partners address to the promotional mailings database and provide the mailing template and text. While advertising through social networks, streaming channels and mobile applications, the Affiliate is obliged to provide links to these resources. In cases when the Affiliate's promotional campaign is carried out in languages ​​not supported by the AP, the translation may be requested if necessary.
  2. G.Partners management prohibits the use of spam mailing. Upon detection of this methodology usage, the AP may without prior notice block the Affiliate’s account and refuse to pay funds from this account.
  3. The Affiliates are allowed to send emails to the players from their own email databases only if they can specify the sources of these databases. The content of the mailings must be provided by a third party and must be pre-agreed by the G.Partners management.
  4. The management of G.Partners imposes certain restrictions for Affiliates on the use of brand traffic under standard commission programs. In this case brand traffic is considered to be the traffic that contains the names of the AP projects with different spelling variations, bad spelling will also be taken into account with this. If an Affiliate wants to use this type of traffic, it is recommended to contact G.Partners technical support in advance and clarify the terms of cooperation. If an Affiliate consciously uses standard commission models for branded traffic but tries to hide this information, G.Partners may freeze the Affiliate’s account without prior notice and discontinue further cooperation. At the same time, domains used for project mirrors do not fall under the concept of brand traffic. The use of such domains is completely prohibited by the AP and may lead to blocking of both Affiliate’s account and personal account. Whereby traffic attracted from such domains is not paid.
  5. G.Partners AP is forbidden to attract and use motivated traffic. In case of this rule violation, the management may freeze the Affiliate’s account, block personal account and refuse payment of the earnings.
  6. The rules of the AP prohibit the use of cookie stuffing and all other cookie substitution schemes. In case of this rule violation, the management may freeze the Affiliate’s account, block personal account and refuse payment of the earnings.

Commission programs, zeroing negative balance and sub-affiliate

  1. AP provides the possibility to work on CPA and dynamic RevShare, from 25% to 45%, which is calculated by the formula Affiliate Income = ((100% - royalty) • NG + (100% - royalty) • Betting + (100% - royalty) • Rake) - CP - (deposits + payouts) • 5%) x aff %. At Zaza Casino offer, RevShare is calculated by the formula: NGR / EARNINGS = ((100%-royalty casino (15%))•NG-CP-(deposits+payouts)•7%) x aff%. At the same time, the payout values for each project and a detailed analysis of the calculation formulas for dynamic RevShare should be clarified by the Affiliate from the AP technical support manager.
  2. Each AP of G.Partners has individual conditions. For this reason, any Affiliate Program can be connected only after prior approval of conditions with G.Partners management. AP can also be disabled exactly in 24 hours after the written notice to the Affiliate.
  3. In situations where, during the reporting period the players referred by the Affiliate caused losses to the Product, by winning an amount in excess of the amount of contributions, the Affiliate’s earnings depend on the conditions of Affiliate Program offer, zeroing or deducting the amount from the Affiliate’s earnings may be possible.
  4. The Affiliate may receive referral bonuses to own account for referring those persons, who wish to become Affiliates or to arrange a sub-partnership.
  5. Referral bonuses make up 5% of the total earnings of all sub-affiliates per the reporting period.

Promotional products use

  1. AP provides Affiliates with text, graphic and other products upon request. In addition, Affiliates have the right to independently interpret text descriptions posted on the pages of the Promoted Product. In case it is found that Product’s texts are copied without stylistic changes, the AP may terminate the cooperation with the Affiliate and qualify such repost as a use of branded traffic without prior notice to the management.
  2. AP prohibits the use of any promotional products of original Pokerdom items in order to promote unlicensed copies of the product as well as to promote own projects. Any violation of copyright leads to the blocking Affiliate’s personal account.
  3. The AP prohibits to indicate any deliberately false information that differs from the official data of project resources in the reviews of AP projects and on the Affiliate websites. Violation of this rule leads to termination of cooperation with the Affiliate.
  4. AP may at any time require the replacement of outdated links and promotional products with the relevant ones. In case the Affiliate refuses to fulfill these requirements, the AP may freeze its account within the system.

Fraud, cheat and violation of work rules

  1. In case the Affiliates open personal accounts in the Promoted Product under their referral link, the AP management immediately blocks both the accounts of Affiliates and the accounts of the referred players.  All funds will be charged off from these accounts in favour of the Promoted Affiliate in the shortest possible time. This rule also applies to all friends and relatives of the Affiliate.
  2. In case the player gains or loses money due to fraudulent activities of other players, the AP may change Affiliate’s balance by an appropriate amount. AP can also change the balance for the same reasons for an indefinite period after the fraud has been detected.
  3. In case the Affiliate refers fake players, the AP may refuse to pay earnings using the CPA model. If the AP management detects any manifestations of unusual behaviour of the players referred by the Affiliate, the Affiliate’s income may also be charged off in favour of the Promoted product.
  4. AP may at any time block personal account and freeze the account of an Affiliate, that is convicted of public defamation, unreasonable criticism, threats to support and other employees or projects of Affiliate Program.
  5. Providing unreliable information on Affiliate’s sources of traffic also leads to the termination of cooperation with the AP.
  6. If the management of AP or Promoted Product has doubts about the Affiliate’s compliance with the rules of cooperation, the account and personal accounts may be frozen until the circumstances are clarified. If the violation of the rules of cooperation is confirmed, the AP is entitled to reset the Affiliate’s earnings without prior notice.
  7. In case of disputable situations, the Affiliate is obliged to provide the PP administration with argumentation and position in the context of possible solution to the problem. The AP management, in turn, undertakes to consider all disputed issues as objectively as possible and to find compromise solutions. The final decision made by the AP management is not subject to appeal or review.

The procedure and maturities with the Affiliates

  1. The reporting period that is operative for transferring Affiliate’s income is the calendar month.
  2. Affiliate's earnings under current AP is the commission in the amount of a certain percentage of net income, received by the Promoted Product from the players referred by the Affiliate.
  3. The Affiliate's earnings during the previous reporting period will be credited within 5 business days.
  4. The smallest payment that can be made from the Affiliate's account is $2,000 (for bank transfer) and $200 (for payment systems).
  5. Data for making money transfer can be changed within a period of not more than 3 business days after the settlement period ends and before payments completion.
  6. Affiliate Program management may freeze personal accounts of the Affiliates, in case their players were noticed of suspicious activity, for the period needed to complete a traffic source check.
  7. If by the time of the expected receipt of the first payment by the Affiliate, the last has referred less than 3 players, the management of the Affiliate Program may conduct an additional verification.
  8. The Affiliate Program management undertakes to pay lifetime commission payments under all Programs to the Affiliates who fulfill their obligations and do not cause any financial or reputational damage to AP or promoted AP projects.