Casino Affiliate Program G Partners Blog Win big in the most incredible new contest from G ✦ Partners!

Win big in the most incredible new contest from G ✦ Partners!

Gagarin Partners дарит $500 000!

Even though we could not celebrate our Birthday, we are confident that we will celebrate the final of a new and beautiful promotion, which we will launch in just one week!

Well, we are announcing a grand campaign 🔥

Above all, we would like to proudly introduce our new Zaza Casino offer, a project that a massive team of the best professionals has worked on for many months! That long-awaited Bourges. G ✦ Partners is conquering Canada! And if you have some traffic to this GEO, you’re invited to experience a new level with us!

On June 1, 2022, we’ve launched the largest contest for our webmasters with a total prize pool of $500,000! Only the Top 40 affiliates will receive gifts, so turn it on to the maximum! And if you’re not with us yet, then it’s time to become a part of G ✦ Partners!

So what are the requirements of the contest?

  1. The number of bets placed at casinos, betting and poker in relation to all the referred players who registered at Pokerdom, Joker casino and Zaza casino during the promotion period, will determine the result.
  2. All affiliates, who referred players to Pokerdom, Joker casino and Zaza Casino during the promotion period, automatically become participants of the raffle.
  3. The total prize pool is divided into a Main prize pool and an Extra prize pool.
  4. The main prize pool will be distributed among the participants of all Leagues (I, II, III and IV) depending on the leaderboard positions taken at the end of the campaign
  5. The extra prize pool will be raffled off in a special lottery amongst the Top 10 of each league. Three prize positions in Leagues I, II, III and IV will be randomly selected.
  6. The leaderboard position depends on the number of lottery tickets received by the affiliate during the promotion.
  7. A lottery ticket will be delivered to the affiliate for each:
    $10,000 bets at ZAZA Casino;
    $15,000 bets at Joker сasino;
    $20,000 bets at Pokerdom сasino;
    $10,000 bets at Pokerdom betting;
    $10,000 bets at Pokerdom poker.
  8. There is no limit to the number of lottery tickets.
  9. The $500,000 prizes will be raffled off amongst the top 40 participants of the promotion if at least 20,000 lottery tickets are issued during the promotion period.

Got everything? You’re the one we want to see on our list! Remember – the more raffle tickets you have, the bigger your prize and the better your chances of winning.

You can find more details here!

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